Friday, June 1, 2007

Kannaki Amman festival was celebrated in Batticaloa from May 25th to June 01st 2007. Amman devotees flocked to the Kannakai Amman temple to worship and get her blessings.

Special poojas were performed at noon and night daily.

The Kannaki Amman temples open only once annually, andKannaki Amman temples in Batticaloa opened for the devotees during the festival.

Pictorial of celebrations held at Kannaki Amman temple in Thaandavanveli, near Batticaloa, East of Sri Lanka:
An idol of Kannaki is decorated with fresh flowers and palm leaves
Drums and wind instruments are being played during the festival
Kannaki Amman temples in Batticaloa district opens only once in a year to celebrate the festival
The priest does not chant Sanskrit Manthras at the Kannaki Amman temples
A devotee at the temple to fulfill her vow
Peanut and camphor vendor at the temple
The temple was decorated with fresh flowers, sarees, palm leaves and palm flowers
A devotee carries a clay pot of burning camphor
Fruit vendors on the outer route of the temple
A devotee at the temple
Devotees who get trans are taken around the temple, while singing songs of Kannaki Amman and sprinkling of saffron water accompanied by a bunch of margosa leaves
The devotees are being blessed by a male, who carries out the main religious rituals at the temple
The males who carry out the religious rituals at the temple get trans
A saffron bath is given to the devotees who get trans
The devotees attending the main pooja at noon